First steps in the app
This brief tutorial explains the first steps to take in the app. You can move between the pages with the left menu. To open it, press on the button at the left in the top menu of each page. Starting from the accounts page, create the accounts at your disposal, such as "Bank". Set as initial amount the value that you have now. Then, you can start off creating some income and expenses or, alternatively, you can create multiple budget if you are interested in this feature. Remember that in each page of the app, if you press on the button with 3 dots in the top menu, you can find a useful help section for that specific page. As soon as you become familiar with Fast Budget, you can start to customize the application preferences and settings. The Pro version and the other plans can be purchased in the "Store" page within the app. To avoid data loss, like if you uninstall the app or lose the device, it is highly recommended enabling the backups on Dropbox. You can do this in the Settings page.