Budgets guide
Budgets are used to track and limit your expenses over time. You can create a new budget in the "Budgets" page. Press the + button in the top menu. It is possible to create a budget for a single category, or for more than one with the multi-category budgets. During the creation of a budget, you will be asked to choose the category you want to measure and the budget duration: 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or custom. If you choose the latter, additional options will be shown: you can choose the period, whether to reactivate the budget once concluded and after how long reactivate it. Example Here there is an example of the "Fuel" category. Budget value: 100$. In the "Budgets" page, create a monthly, single category budget. Select "Fuel" as the category of the budget. Fill the other fields and hit "Save". If you haven't already created a transaction for the "Fuel" category, the new budget will be displayed with the bar empty, showing 0$ as amount spent. Tomorrow you'll go to refuel your car. You'll open the app and add an expense. Select "Fuel" as the category and insert the amount spent. For example, 30.00$. This transaction will be automatically added to your budget for the "Fuel" category. It will show 30.00$ and the bar will be filled to 30%. (Remaining amount: 70.00$)