Purchases available
You can purchase and find all the details about purchases on the Store page of the Android/iOS app. In EU countries, you can also purchase a Premium or Ultra Plan on the web app. There are 4 different types of subscription. Fast Budget Pro: all icon packs available. No accounts, cards, budgets and templates limits. CSV/XLS file export and no ads. Advanced Plan: all in the previous plan + sync up to 2 devices, unlock all charts and allow exporting PDF reports. Premium Plan: all in the previous plan + sync up to 5 devices, web app access. Ultra Plan: all in the previous plan + bank synchronization. (Not available in some countries) You can access and try the web app here. All purchases made on Google Play and on the web app can be refunded within 14 days. For purchases made on other stores, contact the store support to request a refund. Visit this page for further details.