Credit cards guide
Credit cards are similar to regular accounts with some additional features. Limit: each card has a value limit. Once reached, you won't be able to add more expenses in the card. This limit is reset every month based on the starting day set. Starting day: here you can specify when the card period starts, usually the 1st of the month. The period is always of one month and the limit is applied on this time window. Interest rate: if different from 0, this percentage is added to the monthly payments performed. Automatic payments: if enabled, the app will perform an automatic payment at the specified payment day. Automatic/Manual payments The amount in the credit card will be charged on the day of payment. However, you can also create manual payments and disable the automatic payments. On the "Credit cards" page, press the second button under a card to execute a manual payment. Initial value When you create a card, you must choose how to start with the expenses already in the card but not loaded in Fast Budget. This is needed to correctly pay your first card month. 1) You can insert all your transactions from the start of the period. (Periods are of 1 month) 2) You can insert a single expense with your real card value that summarize all the expenses done from the start of the period. Either way, the card value on the app should match your real card value.