Credit cards guide
Credit cards are similar to regular accounts with some additional features. This guide does not address "debit cards." You should use a regular account for debit cards. Each card is associated to an account responsible for settling the card's outstanding balance. Card period The credit card cycle spans one month, and the card's spending limit is applied within this timeframe. You have the flexibility to specify the cycle's starting day, typically set on the 1st of the month. Limit A credit card limit is the maximum credit amount extended by a financial institution to a cardholder. Once this limit is reached, you won't be able to make additional card purchases. This limit is reset every month, aligned with the starting day you've chosen. You have the option to count also the scheduled transactions in the card limit. Only the repetitions that fall in the current period are counted. Automatic/Manual payments If the automatic payments are enabled, the card's amount due will be charged on the selected payment day. If an interest rate is set, the interest will be added to the monthly payments performed. You can also create manual payments and disable the automatic ones. On the "Credit cards" page, press the second button under a card to execute a manual payment. Card creation: initial value When you create a card, you must choose how to start with the expenses already in the card but recorded in Fast Budget. This is essential to accurately manage the first month of your card. 1) You can input all transactions from the beginning of the period (Periods are one month long). 2) You can enter a single expense with the actual card balance, which consolidates all expenses incurred from the start of the period. In either case, the card's value in the app should align with your actual card balance.