How subscriptions works
(Only in the Android app at the moment) You can purchase a subscription in the Store page of the app. Subscriptions are billed every 3 months or every year. Subscription in the Android app Subscriptions on the Android app are managed by Google. We do not receive your credit card details. The available payment methods depend on your country. Visit this link for further details (Select your country from the drop-down menu) Upgrade the subscription After you've selected a plan, you can upgrade it whenever you want. It will be converted in the new one and you will start to pay after it expires. The expiry time will be calculated using the price difference. Cancel the subscription You can manage and cancel your subscriptions in the Google Play app. From the left menu, tap on "Subscriptions". You can find more info here. After you cancel a subscription, you can continue to use the subscription features until the subscription expires.