Import files .csv/.xls
General considerations You can easily import transactions from another app or from your bank with CSV files. If your importing data for the first time from another app, here there are some suggestions: • Before importing the file, create all your accounts and credit cards. • After importing the file, create your subcategories in the "Preferences" page. If you use the exact name you used in the other app, they will be automatically assigned to the transactions. See the latest section of this page for advanced suggestions. Web app - CSV and XLS files From the web app you can use the advanced CSV/XLS file importer. We suggest importing the file here. The process is simplified and the "Account" and "Category" columns are not mandatory. If they are not present in the file, you can select a default category/account. App Android/iOS - CSV files From the Tools page of the app you can import CSV files. To import a file you have to respect a strict file format. You must use the same columns, in the same order, as specified in the example below. You can't add more columns. Select the right separator ("," or ";") and date format before importing the CSV file. Sample file required in the app
Value (USD) Category Account Date From/To Notes
-5 Transport Wallet 31/1/2024
100 Odd jobs Wallet 30/1/2024 Jon
-7.99 Other Wallet 26/1/2024
-68.47 Tax Bank 25/1/2024 Electricity
1607.92 Salary Wallet 25/1/2024
-99 Shopping Wallet 22/1/2024
Import CSV file advanced tips Data exported from other sources may have formats that are not entirely readable from Fast Budget. The suggestions below are referred to importing a file in the web app. To perform those suggestions, you should use Excel or LibreOffice. TRANSFERS BETWEEN ACCOUNTS To recognize transfers between accounts, the "category" value must be "Transfer between accounts" (In English) or the exact translation used if the language is different. You can check the correct translation by trying to create a transfer in the accounts page. (You must have at least 2 bank accounts) DATE AND TIME FIELD Steps to fix the date field in this format: "2024-02-06T11:34:23+00:00". Select the column and: - Remove the "+00:00" at the end of the text. This can be done with the replace function (Edit -> Find and replace) The date column is now "2024-02-06T11:34:23". - Always with the column selected, format the value shown to "2024/02/06". (Right-click on a selected cell -> Format cell -> Date) The date is now importable in Fast Budget. If you want to keep also the time: - Create a new "Time" column. - Copy all the data present in the "Date" column in this new column. - Select the whole column and format the "Time" column in a 24h time. (Right-click on a selected cell -> Format cell -> Time)