Import files
Web app - CSV and XLS files From the web app you can use the advanced CSV/XLS file importer. We suggest importing the file here. Importing a file is simplified and the "Account" column is not mandatory. App Android/iOS - CSV files From the Tools page of the app you can import CSV files. To import a file you have to respect a strict file format. You must use the same columns, in the same order, as specified in the example below. You can't add more columns. Select the right separator ("," or ";") and date format before importing the CSV file. Sample file required in the app
Value (USD) Category Account Date From/To Notes
-5 Transport Wallet 31/1/2016
100 Odd jobs Wallet 30/1/2016 Jon
-7.99 Other Wallet 26/1/2016
-68.47 Tax Bank 25/1/2016 Electricity
1607.92 Salary Wallet 25/1/2016
-99 Shopping Wallet 22/1/2016