Bank synchronization - Connect a new bank
Once you've purchased an Ultra plan, set up the synchronization in the User page. Then, to connect a bank account, go in the Accounts page and press "+" button. Guide to connect a new bank: 1 - On the Accounts page, press the "+" button to add a new account. 2 - Select "Bank synchronization" from the 2 present options. 3 - On the next page, read the policies and confirm with the "ok" button. 4 - At this point you will be redirected to Salt Edge. 5 - Select your bank and press "Proceed". 6 - Follow the instructions to authenticate with your bank and wait for the end of the process. Some banks may require you to enter your credentials multiple times. 7 - Once the process is complete, return to the app/web app. (In the app, it may be necessary to completely close and reopen it) 8 - Finally, Fast Budget will ask you if the connected account is new or if you want to transform an existing account. The period returned varies for each bank. Generally from 3 to 9 months of past transactions are returned. Bank data are usually updated overnight (GMT) If this does not happen, click on the last button under the account and select "Refresh". If the connection process returns an error, check here.