Bank sync - Connection troubleshoot
The bank automatic synchronization is a complex technology. Our commercial partner is making its best to improve the banks' availability. If you have a problem with a bank connection, try checking this list of errors. Credentials already used This error may occur only with non-EU banks. If you see the error "You have already used these credentials to connect this provider" after you enter your credentials, you already connected this bank. To solve, go in the "Bank synchronization" page. There, try to reuse the connection present or delete it and retry to connect the bank. Invalid credentials Check that you are using the same credentials you use to log in to your bank's website. If the credentials are correct, it could be: 1 - The bank requires different credentials for third parties access. Check it with your bank. 2 - Your bank may have an additional security setting that prevents third parties access. Check on the security or settings page of your bank website. Provider unavailable The bank is not available at the moment. Generally, this problem is temporary. Try again later or tomorrow. If the issue persists, contact us. Provider error Contact us from the "Settings" page, "Support" section within the app or write to "". We will be glad to help you.