Bank transactions categorization rules
Categorization rules are used to assign a category to the transactions downloaded from your bank. You can create them in "Bank synchronization" page of the web app. Rules are case-insensitive and are applied in order: the first match found assigns the related category. The check is done by searching the inserted "search terms" in the from/to and notes fields of the downloaded transaction. The "search terms" are case-insensitive. You can leave a space at the start or at the end of the "search terms" to avoid unwanted match. Example with "Bank test card payment" as notes. Search term: "bank" -> Rule applied Search term: "card pay" -> Rule applied Search term: "card pay " -> Rule not applied The difference in the latest two examples is the space at the end. Base rule If no match is found Fast Budget will try to guess a category for each transaction. If you always want to assign a category manually you can create a basic rule. A base rule has an empty "search terms" and is always applied if no rules were applied before. You can create only one base rule per type: one for the income categories and one for the expense categories.