Transactions guide
New transaction Press the circular "+" button at the bottom-right of the Overview or Transactions page to create a new transaction. On Android, you can enter new transactions through the available widgets. Transaction data The mandatory data for a transaction are value, category, account and date. All the other fields are optional. Pro users can also attach a photo.
Value This data represents the transaction amount. In the app, at the right of the value field, there is a small icon. Press on it to use a calculator. A percentage calculator and a currency converter are also available. Category Each transaction must have at least one assigned category. You can add more categories by using the red or green "+" button. You can manage the categories in the "Preferences" page. Account The account represent where you put or take the money. For example your wallet, bank accounts or cards. You can manage them in the "Accounts" and "Credit cards" pages. If you want only to track your expenses, you can insert all in the default account. Date and time You can change the date and time of a transaction. To change the time, you must enable the option first. You can do that in the: - Android/iOS app: "Preferences" page, "New transactions" section. - Web app: "Settings" page. Checked state This option allows you to mark a transaction as not checked. (The transaction will be marked in the transaction list) This is useful, for example, when you want to control the transaction later in your bank statement. Edit or delete a transaction You can edit or delete a transaction in the app by following the steps below: - Press on the transaction to see the transaction details page. - Press on the blue button with three white dots. - Press the edit or delete button. In the web app, you can delete transactions in bulk. - Long press on a transaction. - Select the other transactions to delete. - Press the "Delete" button at the top right of the list. Transactions downloaded automatically from your bank cannot be deleted and only some fields are editable.