User account and data privacy
We take your privacy seriously and have implemented a number of security measures to protect your information, including: • Encrypting your information when it is transmitted over the internet. • Storing your information in secure data centers. • Limiting access to your information to authorized personnel. Your financial data are saved online only if you have an Advanced, Premium or Ultra plan. Users without one of those plans should activate the backups on Dropbox in order to safeguard their data against device theft/breakage or accidental app uninstall. How do you use my information? We use your data to provide you with the services of our app, including tracking your financial transactions, helping you budget your money, and providing you with charts and reports. We may use your data to improve our service, like when you contact us referring to a possible problem in the app. Who has access to my information? Your information is only accessible to our employees and contractors who need it to provide you with the services of our app. Advertisements We show ads to users without a paid plan in the Android and iOS app. The financial data you inserted in the app are never used for this purpose. Automatic bank synchronization Users with an Ultra plan can download automatically the financial data from their bank. We use a third-party company for this process. You can find all the information here. Data deletion You can delete your information at any time in the User page within the app or on the web app. It is possible to delete only the financial data or the whole user account. After that, you should uninstall the app. You can also email us at "". We will guide you in the process, or we will comply to your deletion request.