Bank synchronization
With an "Ultra Plan", you can connect your bank accounts to Fast Budget. A bank sync account automatically downloads the account value and the transactions within it. To provide this service, we use an authorized third party company. Check if your bank is available here. On the first connection, each bank returns a different period. Generally from 3 to 6 months of transactions are returned. EU/UK users Bank accounts are accessed in read-only mode after you have entered your credentials securely through an environment made available by your bank. (We do not read or store your credentials) The data are securely downloaded and processed by "Salt Edge Ltd." and sent to us. An automatic refresh will happen every night. When you want to delete your bank connection, you have to delete the data in Fast Budget and also in the Salt Edge user dashboard. The password needed in the Salt Edge dashboard is different from the one used in Fast Budget. Use the "forgot password" button to create a password. IMPORTANT: use the Salt Edge dashboard only during the data deletion. You must execute all the other actions from Fast Budget. Other users This feature is not available in all countries. Check on the Store page if the "Ultra Plan" is available. Connecting your bank account is simple as log in your bank website. The data are downloaded and processed by "Salt Edge Inc." and sent to us. The data are generally refreshed automatically every night (Some banks require the user interaction to refresh) When you want to delete your bank connection, you can do it directly from the app. No other actions are required.
Bank sync - First steps Guide: connect a new bank