Scheduled transactions guide
Scheduled transactions are transactions that automatically repeat themselves over time. They have 2 additional fields compared to normal transactions. The first is the "Repeat every". For example, you can repeat a transaction every 2 weeks. The second is the "Number of repetitions". If you enter "0", the transaction will continue to be repeated without limits. In the value field, insert the value of the single repetition. To calculate it, you can use the calculator available in the "Add transactions" page (App only). The value of the repetitions is not counted in the associated account until the selected day. Before the selected day, the value is counted only in budgets and in credit cards (If the related option is enabled). This type of transaction can also be used in case of future transactions that you already want to create. You can view the recurrences on the Calendar page and in the list of transaction inside a budget or a card. For a complete view of the future repetitions and money movements, see the "Future Time" charts page. Example You purchase a household appliance for 1000€ and you pay it in 5 monthly rates. - Value: 200€ - Repeat every: "1" and "Month" - Number of times: 5 Manual confirmation You can manually approve the automatically generated transactions. In case you choose this approval method, the pending confirmation transactions will be shown in the Overview page. They will be also shown and counted as scheduled transactions in all pages where the scheduled transactions are used. For example in the budget values and transaction list of a budget.