Synchronization troubleshoot
The data is no longer updated If you ever have a problem with the synchronization, try to check these things. • Be sure to have the latest version of the app in all your devices. In rare occasions, we may require you to update the app after a major update. You will get a warning in the app. The update could require several hours in order to be available. • Go to the User page, Synchronization section with both the devices. If the app asks you to replace your data, press "Yes" in the second device. Remember that automatic synchronization happens when you open the app or when you create/edit/delete any item. You can also force a synchronization: tap the button with two circular arrows in the top menu of the Overview page. An account value is different in a device This should never happen. However, in rare cases, it could be that one transaction is duplicated or missing. To solve, do NOT add a new transaction. • If a transaction is missing in one device, find it in the other one. Then, press on it and go in the edit transaction page and press "Save". (Also without changing anything) • If a transaction is duplicated, delete both duplicates and recreate the transaction. To find the transaction easily, with both devices at hand, press on the account and check the balance of each month. The error is in the first month with a different balance on the two devices. (The one more in the past) You can also use the transactions daily view. To get it, use the buttons on the top menu. Contact support If you still have problems, or if there are many transactions with problems, contact us. You can do it from the "Settings" page, "Support" section within the app. You can also write to "". We will be glad to help you.