Synchronization between devices
(Not yet available in the iOS app) In order to synchronize your data, you must have an active subscription. Remember to use a valid email address for your account. Purchase the synchronization in the "Store" section with your main device. The first time you connect your devices, you can keep the data only of the first device that you connect. To enable your device for the synchronization, you have to go in the "User" page, "Synchronization" section. Your device must be listed in the list. Then, take your other devices, log in with the same credentials and go in the "Synchronization" page. Press "Yes" if the app asks you to replace your data in the second device. At this point, all your devices will have the same data. The synchronization will occur automatically when you open the app. When you want to force a synchronization, tap on the icon in the top menu of the Overview page. After a synchronization, the new data will be displayed when the page is refreshed.