Synchronization between devices
You can synchronize your data between devices with an Advanced, Premium or Ultra subscriptions. We suggest to purchase the plan on the "Store" page from the device where you have the data that you want to synchronize or from the web app. Remember to use a valid email address for your user account. How the synchronization works? The first time you connect your devices, you can keep the data only of the first device that you connect. After the first sync, you data are safely stored online. If you connect other devices or use the web app, you will see the same data. You will be able to create or edit existing items from any device. Synchronization set up Execute these steps starting from the device where you have your data: 1) Log in on the User page of the app. 2) From the User page, go to the Synchronization section to upload the data. Your device must be listed. 3) Your data are now saved online. If you have a Premium or Ultra plan, you can start using the web app. In other devices: 4) Log in using the same user account. 5) Go to the "Synchronization" page to download the data present online. If required, select "Keep the data online". At this point, all your devices will have the same data. The synchronization will occur automatically when you open the app or perform any creation/modification in the app. When you want to force a synchronization, tap the button with two circular arrows in the top menu of the Overview page.