Backup and automatic backups
A backup is a file that contains your data. It can be used only inside the app and it is used to keep your data safe and to move your data between devices. You can create a backup in the Settings page, Backup section. It is strongly recommended that you keep the auto-save option enabled. In this way, a backup will be created be every day. The name of these backups will be "AutoBackup_", followed by, in order: Year, month, day, hour and minute of when it was created. If you uninstall the app, the automatic backups will be deleted unless they are saved in Dropbox. The automatic backups will be created in the internal memory of your phone, and in the "Apps/FastBudget/Backup" folder in Dropbox. It's possible to set the maximum number of automatic backups stored in the local memory. If this limit is exceeded, the older ones will be deleted. You can restore a backup on the same page. Backups saved in the device and in Dropbox are not shown at the same time. When you retrieve data from a backup, the current database is deleted.