Bank sync account data cancellation
You can delete your bank sync account whenever you want from the Android app or from the web app. There are 2 ways to do that. Accounts page Delete an account from the accounts page. The account will be deleted and the consent you've given to the bank sync partner will be invalidated. (Salt Edge) Bank synchronization page Delete a connection with that account invalidates only the consent you've given to the bank sync partner. (Salt Edge) The account and the transactions remain saved in the app. EU/UK users - Additional action required Salt Edge keeps a copy of your data. To remove the data, go in their dashboard and remove the data. The password is different from the Fast Budget one. You have to use the "Forgot your password?" button to require a new password. You will receive an email that lets you create it. Once inside their page: • Click on a bank. • Press the red bin and give confirmation to the bank removal. • Repeat for all your bank connections. If you need help with the process, do not hesitate to contact us. Other users No other action are required. The third-party partner will delete the data it holds when you remove the account.